Have you ever had moments in your life when your mind just keeps spitting ideas out to you all the time! Mine has been doing this for the last week! Sometimes I feel like I could be in the middle of a conversation with someone (usually my children) and I’ll have this blank look on my face because I’m trying to process the amazing idea that has just formed and then force myself not to just run off and action it because I have about 5 other projects all mid finished!!! So if I’m talking to you and the glazed eyes appear, please don’t take it personally 😉 I’m just adding to my mental list of exciting projects!!

On another note! I’ve been doing a shuffle around in my little house this week so that it feels a bit different, fresher etc and I came across the letters that my boys wrote to Santa this year. I had forgotten that master 10 had put a sealed section in his that read “For Santas eyes only, I’m serious mum!” I remember laughing at the time and thinking that he had probably put something completely ludicrous down! So you can imagine my surprise when I opened it tonight and read ” Dear Santa can you also bring my mum more weights and 3 fitness mats.” Let me tell you there were instant tears!! What a sweet heart! That makes up for the horrendous day he put me through today, not that I’m going to tell him that but I did give him an extra big cuddle tonight at bedtime xxxx

Talking about projects getting finished……. I managed to finish the one I got caught out on over the winter.  Its a lovely little writing bureau that I wanted to do a Union Jack flag on the drop down table, well its finished!!

2013-12-28 11.48.35 I’ve used the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint products for this one!  EEEKKKK! very exciting!  Old White on the body with clear and dark wax, the flag is Old White, Napolionic Blue and Emperors Silk all with clear and dark wax.

2013-12-24 10.58.23So that’s in the bedroom and I will be posting over the weekend the next phase of my bedroom makeover!  My crazy to do list keeps getting interrupted with my boys constantly asking to be taken to the skate park to practice on their new scooters, oh well, I guess it’s a forced time out for me!