Hello all my friends!  I have returned!

It feels as though this has been the fastest year ever to have gone by, I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels like this????  One minute its the middle of footy season and I’m standing ankle deep in mud in the pouring rain, trying to keep the score sheet from getting wet (thank goodness for my super helpful mums who would hold my umbrella over me!!), the next its 30 degrees and I’m dusting off the fans!

So things sort of ground to a stop earlier this year.  Life got busy yadda yadda, and then I kind of got flooded out of my work area!  No joke, when we got the first lot of rain my back patio turned into a raging river even though it is fully under cover!!  So I madly packed and stacked all my projects up under some tarps and there they have stayed until the first hit of warm weather has awoken the paint monster in me again!

I’ve got a couple of half finished things that I want to get done and just not have to come back to them again, and I’ve got a few quick spontaneous projects which literally just jumped out at me this week and screamed “Stop Karin, this is what we want to be and we need to be it now!”

That used to be an old cot which I couldn’t get rid of so I smashed it up for kindling this winter!! The two bed ends though have sat staring at me all this time and until Saturday I didn’t know what to do with them, now it’s a chalk board sign!

Same with this one, I dismantled (took a sledgy to!) a dressing table which had a big crack through the top to use as kindling and this was the mirror.  I’ve had it leaning up against the shed praying that it wouldn’t break because I don’t wont no seven years bad luck here!  So then I worked out how to slide the mirror out of the clips and I was left with this, the perfect thing for another chalk board sign!!!

I’ve also got the hankering to do up my kids room (well two of them anyway) and my room.  We’re in a rental so all styling must be done with furniture, I’m thinking big Union Jacks painted traditionally and creatively on the boys tallboy dressers and the bunks maybe in a dark, colour maybe Black, Burgundy, Napoleon Blue????  My room of course will be in white with hits of colour here and there!

I’ve been going crazy on Pintrest! Love that place!  I’ve also just received my first ever tin of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White and her clear and dark waxes, plus one of the special wax brushes!!! It was a birthday pressie to myself!  I ordered them from Brocante in the Barossa.  I can’t wait to go for a drive up there and check out their lovely store!  So great that we can now get Annies products here in Australia!  I also can’t wait to crack open that tin on Wednesday and try it out!  Now to decide what I will use it on!!!  Up until now I’ve always made my own chalk paint using plaster of paris but I’m really excited to try this out and see how different it is because my stuff has always been amazing!!

These holidays and this New Year is going to be fantastic!  I’m going to have a crack at following the William Morris de-clutter your home thingy that Jules from Pancakes and French Fries has blogged about.  Sounds like just the sort of thing that I should do regularly to keep the all the clutter at bay!!

Anywhoooo, I am going to finish this up and retire for the evening so as to be able to enjoy a beautiful day at the beach tomorrow! and do some more painting in the evening.

Love to you all

Karin xx