Well hello all!

Apart from a rough start to our summer break (we all had a dose of the tummy wobbles {frown}) we have had a good weekend!  Yesterday was spent with family playing on the farm, the boys had their cousin running around after them not quite sure of the game “cops and robbers” but she was not to be out done and joined in enthusiastically with her note pad for writing fines!

We made lovely chains out of some great Christmas scrap booking paper which the children modeled beautifully (they were pretending to be trees!)  Earlier in the week I made some little reindeer cup cakes for my middle sons morning tea at school, every year that I make these I keep saying that I have to find something better to use for the antlers as trying to cut the pretzels just right is a bit wearisome.


I have been making some little dresses for my nieces who will be coming down from Queensland for Christmas.  I hope they will fit them, I haven’t seen them in person for 2years!

Today the weather was very overcast and warm then cold, so we got out of the house with the bikes and dogs all packed into the car and headed down to the wetlands.  We had a great walk and went on a couple of “off the beaten tracks”! The boys and dogs had a lovely time.

dec blogThen we came home and while the boys bashed wrestled each other I retreated to the kitchen where I made a  batch of Ginger softies biscuits and this amazing meal

decblog 3Home made sweet and sour chicken courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens Christmas magazine!  Sooooo easy to make and tasted great!

So that wraps up our first weekend of the Summer holidays!  Not a lot of crafting last week but I’ve got a few bits and bobs to get done this week to keep me busy until Christmas day!

I would love to do a tutorial for you all next time so let me know if there is something you would like to learn more about or I’ll just pick something randomly out of the ‘Attic’!

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