I’m Back!

Yes its been a while! But I am getting a jump on my new years resolution which is to post a tutorial once a fortnight and post 2 journal entries a week!

As we have just entered December I’m going to get started with a

Count down to Christmas!

calendario avvento


In my household when I was growing up, we had a tradition of sorts that we wouldn’t put any Christmas decorations up until after my birthday (which is the 25th of November).  I guess I didn’t really appreciate the significance of this until I was about 8yrs old.  Well my middle son is turning 8 on the 8th of December and ever since he was born I implemented the same tradition!  He seems to have understood the the significance of this earlier than me and loves that fact that we all have to wait for our Christmas countdown to start until after we have celebrated his momentous birth!

074So now I have a week up my sleeve to unearth the Christmas decorations from the garage, find a lovely fresh tree and make some room for it in this little old cottage!

Well The Gingernut Attic didn’t shut up completely whilst I’ve been off the air, I seem to have been run off my feet!

I’ve posted about one of these quilts but there are now four more and one in progress which is top secret!

Elles quiltThis one is for my first niece Elle.  She is now 5 and I thought she was ready for the big bed, big girl quilt! This quilt did my head in with the quilting but also broke my machine!!! But I pulled out my mum’s old Singer which she gave to me a hundred years ago and low and behold it free motion quilted like a dream!  Think I’ll be using that for all the quilting now!

Ashas quiltNow this quilt is for my second niece Asha.  She is going to be 3 on Christmas day!  That was a tense Christmas lunch 3 years ago as my brother, aunt, uncle and I all waited eagerly to hear that Fiona and the baby were going to be ok.  Fiona had been being monitored daily for about 2 weeks and then went into the hospital for her daily check on Christmas morning only to be told “ummm your not leaving, you going to have your baby today!” A bit exciting!  So this year Fiona, Greg and the girls are coming down from Queensland for Christmas, I hope we all have a good time, and the cousins can all get to know each other now that they are all that bit older!

Mitchell's quiltThis quilt is Mitchells, he is my oldest at 91/2.  Making him a quilt was challenging! Firstly he didn’t want something “babyish”, secondly he wanted to choose the fabrics and the pattern!  I managed to push him gently towards what I liked too but it was great watching him in the fabric store!  I quilted this with a variegated thread in the matching colours of the stars, turned out great!

Nicholas's quiltThis is Nicholas’s quilt!  He’s my middle son and has very particular tastes!  I didn’t give him any options on what he wanted for a quilt as I just knew that nothing I showed him would be what he wanted!  I blogged about this fabric here at the end of that post.  When it was all done and i presented it to him he didn’t like it much but now he loves it!  That’s just him, I don’t get offended!

Thomas's quiltAnd this quilt belongs to my youngest Thomas. I’ve posted about this quilt before so I won’t go into details.  After Christmas (along with the mile long list of “after Christmas things to do!”) I have another quilt in line for him involving sail boats!  Keep watching for for updates!

Well I’m not going to cram any more into this post!  I have to save some stuff for my second post of the week after all!

Thanks for reading!

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