Hello blog world!  I have missed you all so!  I have missed reading all of the latest entries on my favorite blogs but most of all I have missed posting on my own very neglected blog!
I have had a house hold of poorly children again, this time with a very vicious flu who left my 7yr old and 9yr old with 40 temps for 5 days! Very sad little people.  So I was relegated to my sewing room in between administering medicines, filling up water bottles, making hot sweet cups of tea {my Grandmas remedy for all illness!} and picking up a million tissues thrown over the floor!  But I did manage to accomplish a few things!! Amazing right!! Here’s a few photos.

Little pin cushions, very cute but I think they still need a little embellishment!

A beautiful meal of risotto stuffed roasted capsicums which only I ate {for 3 days!} because everyone else was sick!


Another batch of beautiful coasters!

And then! On Friday morning I had the best news ever! I got accepted to be a vendor at the ‘Once Upon a Market’, my debut will be on September 2nd at the Reynella Neighbourhood Centre 164-170 Old South Rd Old Reynella.  So make sure you get down there to see what else I can pull out of my ‘Gingernut Attic’!

That’s all for now folks!
Gingenuts xxx