Hi everyone! Thanks to all the people who have had a look at my blog!  I was sooooooo surprised to see how many had taken a peek, it feels like this whole project might just get off the ground!

Anyhooooo, I thought I would do a little post today about my kitchen buffet that I picked up for $40 I think at the local salvage yard.  I don’t have a before photo because I did this up before I started blogging and didn’t need to have reminders of how ugly things are! So put your imagination hat on and picture this……. golden, pealing varnish, dusty, brown wooden plain knobs! Got it! This is what it looks like today……..

I had to sand back most of it because it was flaking in so many places. I didn’t make too much of a job of it though only where it really needed it.  Next I undercoated and that’s actually where it stayed for about 3 weeks!  When I got back to it {it was well and truly dry!} I mixed up my paint.  I used a lovely grey blue but when I got it home I thought it was still a little bright so I added some Dulux Fair Bianca to soften it.  I mixed in my special ingredients {plaster of paris and water} and gave it a big stir and left it for a little to settle.  I had pulled off all the doors and hard wear so I just started painting bit by bit, this took almost another week because of interruptions!

Finally it was painted, it had about 1 1/2 coats.  I then went around and distressed it all and gave it a light sanding then it was time to glaze.  When I use a glaze I use a tinted stain, usually a walnut colour. So I get a damp cloth and with an old paint brush I slop the stain on quite generously and then let it sit for a minute and wipe off with the damp cloth {you will need to rinse this out regularly} only do small areas at a time because you can always go back over it but it is very hard to take off!!

Once all that had been done I took it inside and let it sit and dry {we had torrential rains}.  I put the doors back on and got the wax out, I was experimenting with a new dark wax {Porters Paints} and I wasn’t getting it right {got that solved now & I will post on it later} so I just kept to the clear wax and it looked great.

Next I picked out some new knobs for the doors, aren’t the cute! These are on the top glass doors.

I gave it a good buff the next day and ‘hey presto!’ Its a keeper!!

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Well take care of yourselves and your lovely families & we will catch up soon!

Gingernuts xxx