Hi again,

I have been toying over the last couple of months with the idea that I could somehow, possibly make my hobbies that I get so much joy from into a business that would grow with me and fulfill all my dreams.  Worried Karin says ‘don’t do it, what if it fails, or you get into financial trouble’.  Brave Karin says ‘ do it girl! what have you got to loose! be careful and get the right business advice and JUST DO IT!’

So I am going for it!

I’m starting out small, going to take all my craft stuff and some small pieces of furniture out to some of our lovely hills markets.  First thing tomorrow morning I’m calling the organizers of the Hahndorf market and Woodside markets and getting myself booked in for a spot, they are the 3rd and 4th Saturday of the month. At first there will be a little juggling until August when football is finished but at least I will be getting myself out there in the public eye.

I have to really credit this confidence to some posts I read recently on Miss Mustard Seeds blog her posts here about how she came to start in the craft and furniture industry were truly inspirational and have given me the confidence to go out and see what happens.  I have been praying about this decision and I feel that I wouldn’t have been filled with such enthusiasm and ideas if this wasn’t meant to be a part of my path, and now I can rest in peace that I have given it over and going to have faith in the journey.

So I have been making my lists {I am totally a list girl! can’t do anything without at least 2 maybe 3 lists!} and have come up with my core selection of products which I am going to take and the big feature items I will keep working on and build up a portfolio and take it along and if people are interested then we can make private viewing appointments.

Ok so I have a sick little man and am sure to get no sleep tonight but I had better crack on with what ever I can in the interim!

Stay tuned, there are great things to come, believe me!


Gingernuts xxx