I’m back! We had a lovely holiday up the river at Portee Station with all our special friends!

The boys had a ball being dirty river boys and we found lots of amazing fossils on our wintery walks.

It was a real shock coming home to only 3 degrees! Our fire couldn’t get on quick enough!  But now we are back into the daily hum of life.

I have had a ‘busy all over the place little jobs to do day’ today, I started out with reading at school, then started some painting with my new Porters Milk paint before my client turned up for her manicure, sat down for a bit on a phone call with a friend {you know who you are special girl xxx} whilst slurping down a hot cuppa soup, then painted the rest of the little dresser that I had started earlier, then out into the garden to plant my hedge screen at the front whilst the ground is so soft from all the rain we had whilst away!  Now its off down to school pick up and a walk to the shops, by then my dresser will be ready for a light sand and second coat tonight whilst little people snore their heads off!

I have set myself a goal to get through two small jobs each day eg. chairs, small dressers, picture frames.  That way I can see progress being made!  I keep looking in my paint shed and then quickly shut the door again because of the amount of stuff in there!  I have some really lovely dressers and buffets in there that really require me to have a whole weekend with no interruptions {which will only happen in some sort of other dimension!}.

I have also been practicing painting some folk art roses, I’m not sure if they are improving??? but I feel that when you step back and kind of squint your eyes and tun you head a bit to the side, you can see potential!!!

I have booked in with lady in Woodside who is willing to teach me the finer points as she thinks that i need to work mostly on the way I load my brush and the pressure and release of the strokes so I am really looking forward to getting some professional guidance!  In the mean time I’ll keep squinting!

So I shall say good by at this point and keep on with the day!


God Bless

Gingernuts xxx