I am completely new to the world of blogging but I am determined to give it a try!  I am going to start by saying that although this is mainly going to be dedicated to my furniture and craft, I feel that it will encompass a lot of different aspects of my life!  I like to put recipes out there that I have had success feeding to my children and also the occasional parenting experience.

I have been following many other amazing women in there blog stories and all of their ideas and thoughts have had an enormous input into the person I am moving forward to be!  So any advice or helpful tips along the way will always be very welcomed!

A beautiful friend is going to help me make my blog page look amazing and user friendly for both anyone wishing to follow it and also for myself!  I have always thought of my self as being a capable computer savvy person……but of late I am beginning to question that! So some updating lessons are a priority!

I hope that through the medium of blogging I will be blessed to make friends and contacts who will inspire me and hopefully I them!

So stay tuned I have my first couple of blog projects ready to publish next week, and I can’t wait to get functional in the blogging world!!

Karin xxx