Catch up Tuesday


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I have been completely absent from the blogging world, so sorry to those waiting for part two of my ‘Find your style’ series 😦 I have it almost complete!

In the mean time how did it get to be nearly Easter! That also means the end of first term at school and nearly winter!  I am looking forward to some winter weather mind you, I’ve even had my fire on a sneaky few times 😉

So whilst I have been derelict in my blogging duties I have been active on my Instagram (here) and my face book page (here) so go check out some of the stuff happening there!

As it happens one of my photos on Instagram was picked up by Kmart Australia! Woop!

2014-03-25 11.30.59I’ve also been finishing off some home projects as well as some client commission work, here’s a glimpse.

011.CR2013Sharons trunk 1Shelby morning lightHad to sneak that one in! She’s cute to be sure but naughty as anything ;-P

I’m also starting an online photography course next week so I can learn how to use my lovely camera better!  I seem to be getting better shots but they are looking a bit blurred in this post…hmmm?

Anyway I’ve still got lots up my sleeve! And I haven’t forgotten the second part to ‘Finding your style’! Till then keep well.

Karin xxx


Finding your style part 1


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How to find your decorating style banner

Hi everyone! Today I want to start a little series about how to find your decorating style.  I personally am on this journey at the moment and I have found that although I often come back to one particular feature of a ‘style’ I also want to mix it all up a bit too!  I will carry this over for several segments so that it doesn’t get overwhelming this will also give you and me time to consider the information and look closely at your homes and decide where changes and tweaks need to be made.

First of all lets start with some of the types of decorating styles that most of us will know

French Provincial


Shabby Chic




Country cottage




Now I’m going to stop here because I think that all five of these styles are often used together in decorating as they all have a common background staple.

Neutral palates


Greys, Whites, Taupe, Beige they are all part of a neutral pallet.  If you start your blank canvas on this foundation you can add anything & it will look great!  Now obviously some of these neutrals are “cool neutrals” eg. white and grey, and others are “warm neutrals” eg. taupe, beige and brown.  This is in reference to the colour wheel, anything with the primary colour blue is classified as a “cool colour”, anything with the primary colours red and yellow in them are called “warm colours”.

From this basis there are a million different shades, hues and tones that can be made by mixing white, black to the primary colours and also the mixing the primary colours together.  But going back to mixing the different style options you can see in all the above pictures they all have base tones of grey, white and beige that they build upon.

Now we come to “how to find your style”!  Well I always like to ask people and myself what is your home used for and how do you want to feel when you are in it, does every room need to be the same or do other peoples personalities need to be taken into consideration eg. are you living in a chaotic family home (like most of us!) but you want to feel some sort of serenity when you walk through your front door?  If so, your not going to start splashing around lots of loud colours and big bold prints, your going to keep it quiet and soft with accents of your favorite colours.


So here we see the neutral background with lovely textures in the Jute floor rug, rustic worn wood and natural wood floors. The personality for this room is in the colour pops, the greek blue coffee table, blue and green scatter cushions on the sofa, the soft sky blue in the back of the hutch, shutters on the wall and books on the stool. Using these colours here help tie the colour scheme through to the next room.


This room has taken its pop of colour from the art work on on the wall.  Again a neutral pallet was used to build upon.

So from here I want to suggest that consider these questions

  • How do I want to feel in my home.
  • What is my homes primary purpose eg.raising a family.
  • What are my favorite colours.
  • What is your personality.

In the next part of this series I will build upon the different styles and also look a bit more closely at how we can integrate our chosen style into the home we already live in without going out and spending a fortune on redecorating!

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Have you ever had moments in your life when your mind just keeps spitting ideas out to you all the time! Mine has been doing this for the last week! Sometimes I feel like I could be in the middle of a conversation with someone (usually my children) and I’ll have this blank look on my face because I’m trying to process the amazing idea that has just formed and then force myself not to just run off and action it because I have about 5 other projects all mid finished!!! So if I’m talking to you and the glazed eyes appear, please don’t take it personally 😉 I’m just adding to my mental list of exciting projects!!

On another note! I’ve been doing a shuffle around in my little house this week so that it feels a bit different, fresher etc and I came across the letters that my boys wrote to Santa this year. I had forgotten that master 10 had put a sealed section in his that read “For Santas eyes only, I’m serious mum!” I remember laughing at the time and thinking that he had probably put something completely ludicrous down! So you can imagine my surprise when I opened it tonight and read ” Dear Santa can you also bring my mum more weights and 3 fitness mats.” Let me tell you there were instant tears!! What a sweet heart! That makes up for the horrendous day he put me through today, not that I’m going to tell him that but I did give him an extra big cuddle tonight at bedtime xxxx

Talking about projects getting finished……. I managed to finish the one I got caught out on over the winter.  Its a lovely little writing bureau that I wanted to do a Union Jack flag on the drop down table, well its finished!!

2013-12-28 11.48.35 I’ve used the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint products for this one!  EEEKKKK! very exciting!  Old White on the body with clear and dark wax, the flag is Old White, Napolionic Blue and Emperors Silk all with clear and dark wax.

2013-12-24 10.58.23So that’s in the bedroom and I will be posting over the weekend the next phase of my bedroom makeover!  My crazy to do list keeps getting interrupted with my boys constantly asking to be taken to the skate park to practice on their new scooters, oh well, I guess it’s a forced time out for me!



Life goes on………

So hows everyone going out there! Its been so so hot here and then so so cold! I’ve given up looking at the weather! When its warm I get out side to the waiting work and paint my little heart out and when it gets too cold out there I’ve been bringing it inside! That’s commitment for ya!!

It’s the summer holidays here in Australia so I’ve got my kidlets home, there sure have been some tense times as I’ve got a ten then nine and seven year old boys. Most of the time they get along reasonably well but when they decide to have a blow up I’m sure whoever is up in space right now can hear it! Its the physical side of the arguments that I get upset about : (

I’ve also had the chance these holidays to analyze the behavior of my youngest son, who I must say challenges me several times daily! There is some behavior which I just can’t understand, like simple lies? He has a terrible habit of pulling clothes out of his draws and then just leaving them all over his room instead of trying to fold them up again and put them back where he found them so as a result he has been forbidden from going into his draws because I’m so sick and tired of the super mess!

Today was a classic example of the lying game. We went out this morning and it was cold so he did the right thing and asked me to get a jumper out of his draw for him which I did and then praised him for asking politely. When we had been home for some time I noticed that he had taken his jumper off so I asked him if he had folded the jumper up and put it on his bed or back into the draw? He told me that he had folded it onto his bed. Well tonight when I was putting him to bed I found the said jumper hidden behind the curtains!! I asked him about it an he just grinned and shrugged! I said to him that telling me a lie earlier was really disappointing and how was I to trust him if he continues to keep telling little lies? Not sure how much of it made any difference to him?

I’m sure I’m not the only mother out there who deals with this sort of stuff!

Lots of projects happening around my little home! I’ve got a couple of room makeover posts coming up which talk about decorating and keeping up with your personal style when you live in rental accommodation and live on a budget.

I’m completely addicted to Pinterest! So I’m going to leave you with a couple of my latest pins!

I'm going to make myself one of these!

I’m going to make myself one of these!


This is from a blog called Living Well Spending less. Great ideas

Luuurrrv this! Going to recreate something similar for my bedroom

Luuurrrv this! Going to recreate something similar for my bedroom

I've started collecting louvered doors so if you have any hanging around pass them on!!

I’ve started collecting louvered doors so if you have any hanging around pass them on!!

Well that’s me for another day, I’ve got a list a mile long to work through but I’m taking regular tea breaks to enjoy the sun a bit now that its shining again!


Karin xx



The return of creativity & superb warm weather

Hello all my friends!  I have returned!

It feels as though this has been the fastest year ever to have gone by, I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels like this????  One minute its the middle of footy season and I’m standing ankle deep in mud in the pouring rain, trying to keep the score sheet from getting wet (thank goodness for my super helpful mums who would hold my umbrella over me!!), the next its 30 degrees and I’m dusting off the fans!

So things sort of ground to a stop earlier this year.  Life got busy yadda yadda, and then I kind of got flooded out of my work area!  No joke, when we got the first lot of rain my back patio turned into a raging river even though it is fully under cover!!  So I madly packed and stacked all my projects up under some tarps and there they have stayed until the first hit of warm weather has awoken the paint monster in me again!

I’ve got a couple of half finished things that I want to get done and just not have to come back to them again, and I’ve got a few quick spontaneous projects which literally just jumped out at me this week and screamed “Stop Karin, this is what we want to be and we need to be it now!”

That used to be an old cot which I couldn’t get rid of so I smashed it up for kindling this winter!! The two bed ends though have sat staring at me all this time and until Saturday I didn’t know what to do with them, now it’s a chalk board sign!

Same with this one, I dismantled (took a sledgy to!) a dressing table which had a big crack through the top to use as kindling and this was the mirror.  I’ve had it leaning up against the shed praying that it wouldn’t break because I don’t wont no seven years bad luck here!  So then I worked out how to slide the mirror out of the clips and I was left with this, the perfect thing for another chalk board sign!!!

I’ve also got the hankering to do up my kids room (well two of them anyway) and my room.  We’re in a rental so all styling must be done with furniture, I’m thinking big Union Jacks painted traditionally and creatively on the boys tallboy dressers and the bunks maybe in a dark, colour maybe Black, Burgundy, Napoleon Blue????  My room of course will be in white with hits of colour here and there!

I’ve been going crazy on Pintrest! Love that place!  I’ve also just received my first ever tin of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White and her clear and dark waxes, plus one of the special wax brushes!!! It was a birthday pressie to myself!  I ordered them from Brocante in the Barossa.  I can’t wait to go for a drive up there and check out their lovely store!  So great that we can now get Annies products here in Australia!  I also can’t wait to crack open that tin on Wednesday and try it out!  Now to decide what I will use it on!!!  Up until now I’ve always made my own chalk paint using plaster of paris but I’m really excited to try this out and see how different it is because my stuff has always been amazing!!

These holidays and this New Year is going to be fantastic!  I’m going to have a crack at following the William Morris de-clutter your home thingy that Jules from Pancakes and French Fries has blogged about.  Sounds like just the sort of thing that I should do regularly to keep the all the clutter at bay!!

Anywhoooo, I am going to finish this up and retire for the evening so as to be able to enjoy a beautiful day at the beach tomorrow! and do some more painting in the evening.

Love to you all

Karin xx

Summer lovin!

Well hello all!

Apart from a rough start to our summer break (we all had a dose of the tummy wobbles {frown}) we have had a good weekend!  Yesterday was spent with family playing on the farm, the boys had their cousin running around after them not quite sure of the game “cops and robbers” but she was not to be out done and joined in enthusiastically with her note pad for writing fines!

We made lovely chains out of some great Christmas scrap booking paper which the children modeled beautifully (they were pretending to be trees!)  Earlier in the week I made some little reindeer cup cakes for my middle sons morning tea at school, every year that I make these I keep saying that I have to find something better to use for the antlers as trying to cut the pretzels just right is a bit wearisome.


I have been making some little dresses for my nieces who will be coming down from Queensland for Christmas.  I hope they will fit them, I haven’t seen them in person for 2years!

Today the weather was very overcast and warm then cold, so we got out of the house with the bikes and dogs all packed into the car and headed down to the wetlands.  We had a great walk and went on a couple of “off the beaten tracks”! The boys and dogs had a lovely time.

dec blogThen we came home and while the boys bashed wrestled each other I retreated to the kitchen where I made a  batch of Ginger softies biscuits and this amazing meal

decblog 3Home made sweet and sour chicken courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens Christmas magazine!  Sooooo easy to make and tasted great!

So that wraps up our first weekend of the Summer holidays!  Not a lot of crafting last week but I’ve got a few bits and bobs to get done this week to keep me busy until Christmas day!

I would love to do a tutorial for you all next time so let me know if there is something you would like to learn more about or I’ll just pick something randomly out of the ‘Attic’!

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Jump start on New Years resolutions

I’m Back!

Yes its been a while! But I am getting a jump on my new years resolution which is to post a tutorial once a fortnight and post 2 journal entries a week!

As we have just entered December I’m going to get started with a

Count down to Christmas!

calendario avvento


In my household when I was growing up, we had a tradition of sorts that we wouldn’t put any Christmas decorations up until after my birthday (which is the 25th of November).  I guess I didn’t really appreciate the significance of this until I was about 8yrs old.  Well my middle son is turning 8 on the 8th of December and ever since he was born I implemented the same tradition!  He seems to have understood the the significance of this earlier than me and loves that fact that we all have to wait for our Christmas countdown to start until after we have celebrated his momentous birth!

074So now I have a week up my sleeve to unearth the Christmas decorations from the garage, find a lovely fresh tree and make some room for it in this little old cottage!

Well The Gingernut Attic didn’t shut up completely whilst I’ve been off the air, I seem to have been run off my feet!

I’ve posted about one of these quilts but there are now four more and one in progress which is top secret!

Elles quiltThis one is for my first niece Elle.  She is now 5 and I thought she was ready for the big bed, big girl quilt! This quilt did my head in with the quilting but also broke my machine!!! But I pulled out my mum’s old Singer which she gave to me a hundred years ago and low and behold it free motion quilted like a dream!  Think I’ll be using that for all the quilting now!

Ashas quiltNow this quilt is for my second niece Asha.  She is going to be 3 on Christmas day!  That was a tense Christmas lunch 3 years ago as my brother, aunt, uncle and I all waited eagerly to hear that Fiona and the baby were going to be ok.  Fiona had been being monitored daily for about 2 weeks and then went into the hospital for her daily check on Christmas morning only to be told “ummm your not leaving, you going to have your baby today!” A bit exciting!  So this year Fiona, Greg and the girls are coming down from Queensland for Christmas, I hope we all have a good time, and the cousins can all get to know each other now that they are all that bit older!

Mitchell's quiltThis quilt is Mitchells, he is my oldest at 91/2.  Making him a quilt was challenging! Firstly he didn’t want something “babyish”, secondly he wanted to choose the fabrics and the pattern!  I managed to push him gently towards what I liked too but it was great watching him in the fabric store!  I quilted this with a variegated thread in the matching colours of the stars, turned out great!

Nicholas's quiltThis is Nicholas’s quilt!  He’s my middle son and has very particular tastes!  I didn’t give him any options on what he wanted for a quilt as I just knew that nothing I showed him would be what he wanted!  I blogged about this fabric here at the end of that post.  When it was all done and i presented it to him he didn’t like it much but now he loves it!  That’s just him, I don’t get offended!

Thomas's quiltAnd this quilt belongs to my youngest Thomas. I’ve posted about this quilt before so I won’t go into details.  After Christmas (along with the mile long list of “after Christmas things to do!”) I have another quilt in line for him involving sail boats!  Keep watching for for updates!

Well I’m not going to cram any more into this post!  I have to save some stuff for my second post of the week after all!

Thanks for reading!

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Little boys quilt

Hi everyone!

Well we have been having one very heavily wet winter!  So much so that I have got 2 pieces still only half done as I keep getting washed out or the paint wont dry and I simply don’t have enough room in my little cottage to work on them inside 😦

So to keep my self busy and the creative juices flowing I have been holed up in my sewing cave!  Last year my little one said to me that he would buy me paint for my birthday but this year he thinks I need more fabric!! Bless him xxx.

The little man himself on his 6th birthday!

I have been making some lovely cushions which I will post on my face book page for sale later this week.  I also made a really lovely and easy quilt (blankie) for little mister cutie above! I got the pattern and fabrics from my lovely new friend Jane from The Patchwork Apple, she is so wonderful, helpful and most of all a really nice person!  So if your looking for some special fabric for any of your crafting projects, get along to Lenswood and see if she can help you out!

I made the letter ‘T’ out of the selvedges off the sides when I squared the quilt up!

I used really plush polar fleece for the backing but didn’t put wadding in as I wanted it to be used all year round as a blanket rather than an actual quilt.

I am now starting my next one which is for the cheeky middle child!  His quilt pattern is called “So Squared”, I’m using a really lovely Moda fabric called Reunion by Sweetwater for Moda check it out and I’m sure you will start tolling up all the cool projects you can do with this range!

Take care

Gingernuts xxx


Coming up Roses

Well we are all starting to wake from our cold winter slumber and I can’t wait for all my new roses to come into bloom this summer! I chose some new ones especially for their amazing fragrances but also some for their gorgeous romantic cabbage rose look!
But in the mean time I will content myself with these cute little felt roses that I made.
I made some of these into little broaches which look really sweet on a cardigan or pined to a special jacket lapel!  I also use them for gift toppers on special pressies, that way the recipient can use them again also!
These ones took me a little while to get together! Don’t we all have projects like that! The one that does your head in but you just can’t seem to walk away from it!! Well in the end it worked out and I put them onto some little hair clips, they look really sweet.
Well I hope that these little rose projects bring a little bit of summer into your winter days!  Spring is just around the corner but I don’t want to rush it as I am filling my senses with all the wondrous changes and the heady fragrances of the Jonquils so until next time……..I’m sharing this week at 

Beyond The Picket Fence

shabby creek cottage

Karin  xxx

The long and short of it!

Hello blog world!  I have missed you all so!  I have missed reading all of the latest entries on my favorite blogs but most of all I have missed posting on my own very neglected blog!
I have had a house hold of poorly children again, this time with a very vicious flu who left my 7yr old and 9yr old with 40 temps for 5 days! Very sad little people.  So I was relegated to my sewing room in between administering medicines, filling up water bottles, making hot sweet cups of tea {my Grandmas remedy for all illness!} and picking up a million tissues thrown over the floor!  But I did manage to accomplish a few things!! Amazing right!! Here’s a few photos.

Little pin cushions, very cute but I think they still need a little embellishment!

A beautiful meal of risotto stuffed roasted capsicums which only I ate {for 3 days!} because everyone else was sick!


Another batch of beautiful coasters!

And then! On Friday morning I had the best news ever! I got accepted to be a vendor at the ‘Once Upon a Market’, my debut will be on September 2nd at the Reynella Neighbourhood Centre 164-170 Old South Rd Old Reynella.  So make sure you get down there to see what else I can pull out of my ‘Gingernut Attic’!

That’s all for now folks!
Gingenuts xxx